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Virtual Exams

Virtual Exams required for candidate’s seeking certification include one General Knowledge Exam as well as a Supplemental Exam for each certification the candidate wishes to achieve (up to five). Virtual exams demonstrate the candidate’s understanding of the general and more specific knowledge necessary to operate a crane effectively and safely. 

Virtual Exam Administration Procedures

Introduction to Live Virtual Proctoring - Live virtual proctoring is an online method of test proctoring in which a live person observes the candidate’s exam session virtually/online. It is similar to taking an exam at a traditional exam site with a proctor who is physically present in the same room to monitor candidate testing. 

In the live virtual proctoring model, the virtual proctor will observe the candidate’s testing through the computer’s camera throughout their exam session. The live virtual proctor observes the testing session from just after the initial set up of computer settings through completion of the exam. Exams are video recorded to ensure exam security and to record any test anomalies (behaviors or actions consistent with cheating).

Cheating seldom happens, but in the rare occasion that it does, this process, including live virtual proctor and the videotape feature will serve as strong deterrents to the those few who may contemplate cheating.

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