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Code of Ethics

Crane Operators certified by CIC are expected to abide by an honorable Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics includes a commitment to personal and professional ethics, including, but not limited to: honesty and integrity, professional competence and safe practices, compliance with government regulations (OSHA) and industry standards (ASME), abiding by all CIC policies and procedures, respect for others including fair work practices, non-discrimination, no sexual harassment, illegal drug/substance abuse-free work practices, personal and professional accountability, confidentiality, and no conflicts of interest.


Operators certified by CIC demonstrate their respect for and value of their work and profession by signing the Code of Ethics Policy & Substance Abuse Policies Agreement.

Substance Abuse Policy

The lifting industry has a clear obligation to do its utmost to ensure a safe, healthy, and efficient working environment for operators, their co-workers, customers, and the general public. Unlawful or improper presence or use of controlled substances or alcohol in the workplace presents a danger for everyone. For the purposes of this policy, being “under the influence” is defined as the detectable presence of any drug or substance in the operator’s body that impairs the operator’s ability to operate the crane safely.

As a condition of achieving and maintaining certification, candidates seeking certification agree to abide by this Substance Abuse Policy, along with the Code of Ethics Policy, which also includes the agreement to avoid substance abuse. In so doing, operators agree to the following statements:

  • I will never report to work under the influence of alcohol, an illegal drug, or substance.

  • I will never using alcohol or illegal drugs while at work or on any work/job site.

  • I will never work while under the influence of alcohol or an illegal drug or substance.

  • I will never engage in the unlawful manufacture, distribution, sale, or possession of illegal drugs in the workplace.

  • I will never abuse prescription drugs.

  • I will never operate cranes if taking a prescription drug when the prescription label, or attending physician, recommends not driving or operating machinery. However, operators may operate a crane and take the prescribed medication without jeopardizing certification, if, and when, the attending physician advises in writing that the drug or substance will not adversely affect my ability to safely perform duties as a crane operator.


Violation of this Substance Abuse Policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including revoking the operator's certification. Operators should expect their certification to be suspended or revoked for engaging in the unlawful or unauthorized manufacture, distribution, sale, use, or possession of illegal drugs and use of alcohol in the workplace.

At the sole discretion of the Quality Review & Assurance Board, an operator’s certification which was revoked due to violation of the Substance Abuse Policy may be reinstated under certain conditions. Conditions for reinstatement include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Proof of participation in and successful completion of a treatment, counseling, or rehabilitation substance abuse program that is professionally run and operated.

  • No other incidents of Substance Abuse Policy violations.

  • Completing and passing the General Knowledge, Supplemental and Practical Exams for new certification(s).

Prescription Drugs

Code of Ethics & Substance Abuse Policy Agreement

As a CIC certified Crane Operator, I wholeheartedly declare that I will: 

  • Fully uphold the CIC Code of Ethics and Substance Abuse Policies Agreement. 

  • Use my knowledge and skill to accomplish my work in the manner that best safeguards myself, co-workers, employers, the public, and the workplace. 

  • Advance the competence of and respect for the lifting industry by abiding by all applicable OSHA Regulations, ASME Standards, and Operating guidelines provided by crane manufacturers for safe and effective crane operation. 

  • Be honest with employers, the public, and co-workers and not willingly mislead anyone with regard to my work experience, skills, crane operation experience and capability, or the status of my certification. 

  • Work with integrity and without bias regarding race, color, creed, religion, age, gender, national origin, physical ability, or ethnicity; refraining from sexual harassment. 

  • Report safety, violation of regulatory and other violations of the Code of Ethics and Substance Abuse Policies Agreement to appropriate personnel within their organization. 

  • Notify CIC via the Incident/Accident Report Form of any incidents, accidents, or disciplinary actions I have been involved in over the previous five (5) years. 

With respect to CIC certification, I solemnly agree to the following statements: 

  • I will only make truthful claims about the scope of the certification or certifications I have been granted. 

  • I agree that CIC maintains sole ownership of any digital or physical certification card issued to me after passing all the requirements of certification and that CIC has granted physical and/or digital possession of the operator certification card to me in order to maintain compliance with OSHA standards. 

  • I agree not to misuse the CIC certification card/credential or to use it in a misleading or fraudulent manner. 

  • I agree not to alter the certification credential in any way, including, but not limited to, altering the certification and expiration dates, certifications listed, certificant’s name, CIC logo, or certification number. 

  • I will discontinue all claims to certification, discontinue use of the credential, and return the certification card issued to CIC if certification is suspended or revoked. 

  • I will inform CIC, without delay, of matters that can impair my capability to continue to fulfill my certification requirements. 

  • I will not copy, release, share, or otherwise disclose confidential exam materials or participate in any fraudulent test- taking practices. 

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