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Testing and Proctoring Vendors

CIC contracts with two vendors
in the administration of virtually proctored
online exams (knowledge-based exams):  

1. Gauge/Testcom developed and will maintain the CIC Testing Portal for CIC knowledge-based, online exams. This vendor will host CIC online exams and serve as the repository for CIC electronic exam records. They will also issue test results and CIC electronic certification credentials. The CIC Testing Portal is the candidate’s first stop for all CIC online testing.


All certification candidates enter the online exam process through the CIC Test Portal. Candidates may click the yellow CIC Test Portal button above to enter the portal, and then establish their candidate testing account with a login and password by clicking the “Join” link. This must be done first. Next, candidates will select and purchase their exams and complete the eligibility application documents.

2. MonitorEDU is collaborating with Gauge/Testcom to integrate their Live Virtual Proctoring system with the CIC Test Portal for online examinations. The Live Virtual Proctoring model is an efficient and cost-effective way to proctor exams and provides certification candidates the flexibility to test at their convenience and to meet employer timeframe requirements.  This form of proctoring most closely simulates the traditional proctoring model of employing an on-site proctor at a testing center or other exam site location.  

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