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Exam Results Notification

Virtual Exams - Notification of Virtual Exam scores will be received within minutes of completing the Virtual Exam. An email will also be sent to the candidate to provide them of their official exam results in writing. CIC reserves the right to invalidate the scores and impose further consequences for any candidate whose actions or behavior are investigated and deemed to be consistent with cheating or theft of exam materials.  

Practical Exams - Practical Exam scores are emailed to the candidate within days of the Practical Examiner’s digital submission of the Observation Sheets to the Test Portal. Please note, Practical Examiners do not score final test results.

Confirmation of Certification and Digital Certification Badges – When results of all Virtual and Practical Exams are in, candidates will receive an email congratulating them on earning CIC certification along with their digital certification badge. The digital badge will replace the hard copy certification card used in previous years.

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Exam Scoring

Virtual Exams (General Knowledge and Supplemental):

Virtual exam questions are categorized by domain/content categories and percentage of the exam they make up. Exam questions are weighted to reflect these proportions. However, the entire exam is scored as a whole and not by section.

Practical Exam:

The four (4) Practical Exam skills domains and the approximate percentage of the Exam they represent are listed in this table. There is only one Practical Exam skills-based test. Points are deducted for committing infractions or exceeding the stated time to complete a task. Candidates must have a final minimum score is 70%.  Candidates receive a Pass/Fail score along with performance by test domain. 

Re-Examination: Exam Retake Policy

Virtual Exams (General Knowledge and Supplemental)

A candidate failing the General knowledge or Supplemental exams is eligible to re-test without a waiting period by purchasing, registering, and rescheduling the exam.  A candidate failing the examination after two attempts must wait a minimum of 30 days before retesting. Candidates retaking a virtual exam will receive an exam with an alternate set of test questions to prevent an unfair testing advantage due to familiarity of questions.

Practical Exam

A candidate who fails their first attempt may retake the exam immediately at no additional cost. If a candidate fails the Practical Exam on the second attempt, they must wait at least 30 days before making a third attempt. Retesting fees apply.

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