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Requirements for Testing Area


The live, virtually proctored exam model closely replicates the traditional proctoring environment in which a live proctor is on-site to monitor both the integrity of the test session and the testing area itself. Any deviation from CIC test requirements will be flagged for review by MonitorEDU and CIC exam administrators and may result in invalidation of the candidate’s test scores and possible legal action

at the discretion of the CIC Governing Council. 

The test area candidates choose to take their exams must meet all the following requirements:
  • Test in an Uninterrupted, Quiet Space. The testing environment must be in a quiet, private, uninterrupted room. It should have a door that can be closed during testing. No television or radio should be playing in the background. No other people should be in the room.

  • Indoors. All testing must take place indoors (not, for example, in an outdoor park, sports venue, coffee shop, beach, etc.). 

  • Desk or Table. Sit in a chair at a clean desk or table (not on a bed, couch, or floor). The desk or table should be clear of all other materials.  

  • Lighting. Test area lighting should be well lit and bright enough for the candidate and the testing area to be clearly visible.  If overhead lighting is not possible, the light source should not be behind the candidate.

  • Camera View must be free from any obstruction or distraction that limits or inhibits the virtual proctor’s view of the candidate’s exam session.

  • Permitted Resources. The only resources or other items allowed in the testing room with CIC certification candidates are two sharpened pencils, 2 pieces of blank paper (blank front and back as confirmed by the virtual proctor), and a cell phone or mirror for the proctor to perform a 360-room scan of the test environment. Once the test area scan is complete, the cell phone or mirror must be put out of reach. The virtual proctor will also direct the candidate to show the front and back of both pieces of paper prior to the exam to confirm that there is nothing written on either side. At the end of the exam, the candidate will be asked to shred the paper into small pieces and dispose of it.     Note:  A basic calculator and all applicable load charts will be available on the testing computer for candidate use.

  • No Written Material should be visible on the desk, table, walls, floors, ceiling or anywhere in the room.

  • No Virtual Machines or Remote access software running on the machine. These machines and software can be detected through the pre-exam system check and are not permitted.

  • One Monitor – One Computer: Only one monitor attached to one computer is allowed to be in the test area during the exam.

  • No Watches of any kind may be worn during the testing period or in the testing environment.

  • No Audio Devices.  Headsets, ear plugs, Bluetooth ear buds (or similar audio devices) are not permitted. 

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