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Virtual Exam Procedures

All Virtual Exams will be scheduled and taken online on the CIC Test Portal, developed, and managed by Gauge/Testcom. These online exams will be proctored by live, virtual proctors. This new CIC Virtual Exams process, will provide certification candidates a more convenient, flexible testing experience, providing 24/7 access to taking exams in a location convenient to them.

Important Note: During the pre-registration process, initial certification candidates must select and purchase at least three exams – enough to earn one full certification. Those exams include two knowledge-based Virtual Exams (the General Knowledge Exam and a Supplemental Exam), and one Practical Exam.  Many candidates choose to make the most of their testing by certifying for multiple crane types or crane types and capacities. 

Scheduling Virtual Exams

A New, More Convenient Process! With CIC’s move to all computerized exams with live, virtual proctoring, Virtual Exams may now be scheduled to take place anytime (24/7), in almost any location, and on any laptop or desktop computer that meets the Required Specifications.  Visit this ”Required Specifications” link well in advance of scheduling exams to test your equipment to ensure that it meets specifications for a smooth exam process. Customer service representatives will be available to address any technical questions and assist with setting up your computer to ensure a smooth testing/proctoring experience.

Scheduling- Once the candidate receives the confirmation email from CIC confirming their eligibility, the next step is logging on to the CIC Test Portal using the login and password established during pre-registration.

Simply follow the prompts for scheduling Virtual Exams, choosing the date and time for each exam you will take. CIC recommends scheduling each Virtual Exam on separate days.  While taking two or more Virtual Exams on one day is not prohibited, it is imperative that candidates allow for a minimum of two hours between exams to allow for rest and refreshments and to allow margin for the unexpected.

Rush Scheduling and Fees- For candidates who wish to take their exams within 72 hours of scheduling, “rush scheduling” is available for a convenience fee as follows: 

  • Taking exam within 24 hours of scheduling:  $12 fee

  • Taking exam within 72 hours of scheduling: $8  

These fees are paid by the candidate directly to the virtual proctoring vendor online to cover the costs of additional staffing for rush exams proctoring. 

Special Accommodations for Virtual Exams- If a candidate needs assistance to take virtual exams for a disability covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, they must complete and return the Special Accommodations Request form to CIC at least four (4) weeks prior to testing to allow sufficient time for arrangements to be made for the accommodation.  The request will be reviewed by CIC and the candidate will be contacted to let them know if they are eligible for the accommodation.  If the candidate is eligible, CIC will notify the virtual proctor to confirm their ability to provide the needed accommodation. If they cannot, CIC will assist with arranging the needed accommodation.

Practical Exam Procedures

All Practical Examinations must be administered by a CIC Authorized Practical Examiner at a CIC Authorized Practical Exam Site. Candidates contact and hire Practical Examiners directly, selecting an authorized Practical Examiner from the contact list of public/traveling CIC Authorized Practical Examiners on the CIC Test Portal. Some companies have a private CIC Authorized Practical Examiner employed by their company who administers Practical Exams on the company site.  Some of these sites permit non-employees to take Practical Exams at their location.  Candidates are advised to check with these sites if their location is more conveniently located to the candidate’s location.

Practical Examiners will coordinate the scheduling of the Practical Exam with the candidate and the Exam Site, and then complete the Practical Exam registration online for the candidate.  CIC Authorized Practical Examiners are not employed by CIC. Payment is made directly to the Practical Examiner and fees may vary between Practical Examiners.

Registration support is available from CIC by telephone and email ( Monday-Friday during traditional business hours (EST), excluding holidays.

Candidates are entirely responsible for making sure that accurate and complete Practical Exam pre-registrations and registrations are submitted online prior to the desired exam date.

Scheduling Practical Exams

Practical Exams may also be scheduled after CIC notifies them of their eligibility application approval. To schedule their Practical Exam(s), candidates contact, hire and pay Practical Examiners directly from a list of CIC Authorized Practical Examiners. This list of Examiners, ordered by city and state, will be available on the CIC Test Portal. All Practical Examinations must be administered by a CIC Authorized Practical Examiner at a CIC Authorized Practical Exam Site. Examiners and Exam Sites are not part of CIC but are authorized to provide CIC exams. Fees may vary by Practical Examiner and Exam Site.

If candidates need to register for and schedule a RUSH Practical Exam within fewer than ten (10) business days and have difficulty identifying an available Authorized CIC Practical Examiner or Exam site, candidates may call CIC at 407.878.5590 for assistance locating available Authorized Exam Sites and related personnel on the desired date and time (if available).  Rush fees of $125 will apply. See Certification Fees Policy #35.

If Candidates do not pass their first Practical Exam, there is no required waiting period required for scheduling a second attempt. However, a waiting period of at least 30 days between a second unsuccessful attempt and any subsequent attempt is required.

Timeframe: All exams for certification must be completed within 12 months of eligibility approval; otherwise, the candidate will need to restart the process at their own expense. All exam date deadlines are based upon the date of receipt of the candidate’s eligibility approval. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that accurate applications are completed and submitted online prior to the desired exam dates.

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