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Mobile Crane Operator Certification

In order to earn a CIC crane operator certification, Candidates must meet eligibility requirements and pass 2 virtual or knowledge-based exams 1). the General Knowledge virtual exam, 2). a supplemental virtual exam for each certification desired, as well as pass a hands-on Practical Exam.


During the hands-on, skills-based Practical Exam, the candidate demonstrates their crane operating proficiency on one of several CIC-designed Practical Exam courses.

With CIC, one Practical Exam can satisfy the Practical Exam requirements of several types of certifications. This pragmatic approach offers a convenient and cost-effective way for candidates to maximize their investment of time and money in the certification process. At the same time, CIC’s approach to Practical Examinations provides an effective construct for assessing a candidate’s operational skills applicable to numerous types/capacities of cranes.   

For example, a candidate who desires to be certified in each of the five available CIC certifications would only need to take and pass one Practical Exam on either a Telescoping Boom Crane Over 75 tons or a Lattice Boom Crane in addition to the applicable Virtual Exams (General Knowledge + Supplemental Exam for each Certification desired, in this case 5).  Similarly, if a candidate seeks certification for a Telescoping Boom Crane 21-75 tons and a Telescoping Boom Crane Under 21 tons, they will only need to take and pass one Practical Exam on a Telescoping Boom 21-75 tons, along with the applicable Virtual Exams (General Knowledge and 2 Supplemental Virtual Exams (Telescoping Boom 21-75 tons & Telescoping Boom under 21 tons). This is a cost-effective way to achieve more certifications!   


CIC Crane Operator certifications are valid for a period of five (5) years.

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Available Certifications

CIC will offer five (5) different kinds of Mobile Crane Operator Certifications based on crane type and/or type and capacity.


These certifications include:

1. Telescoping Boom Crane, Under 21 Tons (fixed cab)

2. Telescoping Boom Crane, 21 to 75 Tons (fixed or rotating cab)

3. Telescoping Boom Crane, Over 75 Tons (rotating cab)

4. Lattice Boom Crawler/Carrier Crane

5. Articulating Boom Crane

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Crane Installing Structural Panels

Candidate Eligibility

To be as a certified crane operator, several eligibility requirements must be met and validated.  These include candidate age, compliance with Ethics and Substance Abuse Policies, and passing scores on all virtual and practical exams.

The following table provides a list of all requirements required for crane certification including the necessary documentation to validate the requirements:

These requirements adhere to current OSHA and ASME standards regarding employment in the lifting industry in the United States and are applicable to the certified population.

Certification Requirements and Required Docs.png
Minimum Skills Needed_edited.jpg

Minimum Skills Needed for

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