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About Us

A Higher Level of Certification



Crane Institute of America Certification, LLC (CIC) is an independent certifying organization providing crane operators with OSHA-recognized certifications.

The three-fold purpose of CIC is to:
  1. Assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities of crane operators. 

  2. Offer efficient and cost-effective accredited certifications.

  3. Provide the most “real world” knowledge and practical assessments in the industry.

Our Story

In 2007 Crane Institute of America Certification (CIC) was founded with the support of leading industry experts and organizations. CIC is an independent and autonomous organization that provides objective and impartial assessments of the knowledge, skills and abilities of crane operators.

The Governing Council, Advisory Committee and subcommittee members provide guidance and oversight for the company. CIC’s certification program is the result of the input and experience of a broad range of subject matter experts and assessment professionals from crane-related companies and industry groups. 

CIC is now accredited by ANAB, the accrediting division of ANSI, CIC mobile crane operator certifications are nationally accredited, and OSHA recognized. They are accepted by state and municipal license boards across the U.S.

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