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The Practical Exam is a demonstration of the candidate’s hands-on skills operating the crane. With CIC, one Practical Exam may qualify an operator for several types of certifications.

All Practical Exams consist of four (4) challenges demonstrating the following: 

  1. Accuracy & Depth perception (this is a timed challenge)

  2. Hand Signals

  3. Ability to maintain a load under control (this is a timed challenge)

  4. Exiting the crane safely

Scheduling Practical Exams

All Practical Examinations must be administered by a CIC Authorized Practical Examiner at a CIC Authorized Practical Exam Site. 

Some Candidates contact and hire Practical Examiners directly, selecting an authorized Practical Examiner from the contact list of public/traveling CIC Authorized Practical examiners (please email for the current list). Some companies have a private CIC Authorized Practical Examiner employed or contracted by their company who administers Practical Exams on the company site. Some of these sites permit non-employees to take Practical Exams at their location. Candidates are advised to check with these sites to see if their location is more conveniently located to the candidate’s location.


Practical Examiners will coordinate the scheduling of the exam with the candidate and the exam test site, and then complete the Practical Exam registration for the candidate. CIC Authorized Practical Examiners are not employed by CIC.  Payment is made directly to the Practical Examiner and fees may vary between Practical Examiners.

If candidates need to register for and schedule a RUSH Practical Exam within fewer than ten (10) business days and have difficulty identifying an available Authorized CIC Practical Examiner or Exam site, candidates may call CIC at (407) 878-5590 for assistance finding Exam sites and related personnel on the desired date and time (if available).  Rush fees will apply. 


Registration support is available from CIC by telephone and email ( Monday-Friday during traditional business hours (EST), excluding holidays. 


Candidates are entirely responsible for making sure that accurate and complete Practical Exam pre-registrations and registrations are submitted online prior to the desired Exam date. 

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