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Personal information about an applicant or candidate will only be released to someone other than that individual if a release of the information is authorized in writing by them or is required by law. When information is required by law to be disclosed, the individual will be notified of the required information release, unless such notification is prohibited by law. 

Personal information submitted by an applicant or candidate with an initial application or recertification application is considered confidential. Personal information retained within the database will be kept confidential. Application information will not be shared with any party other than CIC staff or test and proctoring administration vendors. 


Examination scores are released only to the examination candidate unless an agreement such as the Confidentiality of Candidate Information Policy Agreement is signed, or release of information is required by law. 

Each candidate agrees to the following policies for certification verification of operators with current credentials in their signed Confidentiality of Candidate Information Policy Agreement. 


Verification of Certification. Current or prospective employers, regulatory agencies, or other interested parties routinely seek to verify the certification of operators certified by Crane Institute of America Certification. CIC staff will respond to requests to verify an operator’s name and their active certifications provided the interested party provides the first and last name of the person whose certification they wish to verify and the person’s candidate ID or birthdate. The inquiring party must also identify themselves and their relationship to the operator. 


Additionally, on a quarterly basis, CIC will post a list of operators with current certifications including the certificant’s name and their active certification(s) online as another way for employers or other interested parties to verify an operator’s CIC for certification. 


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