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All CIC crane operator certification exams, including knowledge-based online exams and hands-on, skills-based practical exams, will be administered in a standardized, secure, fair, and unbiased manner.  Knowledge-based online exams will be administered on the secure, online CIC Test Portal with live virtual proctors. Hand-on, practical exams will be administered on courses designed by CIC to demonstrate crane operator skills and will be proctored by a CIC Authorized Practical Examiner, with support from an Assistant Practical Examiner. To achieve one complete certification requires candidates to take and pass two Knowledge-based exams (often referred to as written/ paper and pencil exams) and one hands-on, skills-based Practical Exam.  

Knowledge-Based Virtual Exams Administration

Knowledge-based virtual exams include the General Knowledge Exam and one Supplemental Exam for each certification sought. Candidates do not have to retake the General Knowledge exam for each certification sought but must take it once for initial certification and again for recertification.


Going forward, all CIC knowledge-based exams will be offered online through the CIC Test Portal created by Gauge/Testcom, with exam proctoring done by live, virtual proctors with MonitorEDU.


MonitorEDU and the CIC Testing vendor, Gauge/Testcom, have worked collaboratively to integrate their services to serve the online, knowledge-based testing and live, virtual proctoring needs of CIC’s certification programs. Through this integration, candidates will be able to complete and submit all eligibility application documents, pay for, schedule, and take their online exams.  Both knowledge-based online exams and the hands-on Practical Exams will be graded through Gauge/Testcom and candidates will receive exam results digitally. Gauge/Testcom will continue to work with CIC on the electronic administration of exams, digital exam storage, and will also provide digital credentialing. 

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