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Thank you for your interest in working with Crane Institute Certification as an Authorized Practical Examiner. This page briefly describes eligibility requirements which must be met to pursue your CIC Practical Examiner authorization and the process for achieving authorization. 

Enter the CIC Test Portal to apply. 


Eligibility Requirements

  1. Be at least 21 years of age. Identity must be validated by presenting a valid (non-expired) government-issued photo ID (such as a Driver’s License, Passport, or Military ID).

    Note: Applicants with felony convictions must pay for a background check and describe the felony conviction in writing. Their application will be reviewed by the CIC Quality Review Assurance Board to determine eligibility.

  2. Practical Examiner Candidates must hold a current certification from CIC or other accredited crane operator certification for the crane type and/or type and capacity for which they wish to administer Practical Exams for.

  3. Complete and submit an Authorized Practical Examiner Application with related documentation. Purchase the 3-Day Practical Examiner Training.

  4. Practical Examiner Candidates will receive notification about eligibility status via email, and if approved, notification will also include information about scheduling training. 

  5. Upon successful completion of the 3-day Training Program and associated exercises and passing the final exam with a score of at least 80%, you will receive authorization as a CIC Practical Examiner.

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