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Certification Period

CIC certifications and recertifications are valid for five years.

No Grace Period, but Frequent Reminders

Going forward, CIC will no longer be able to offer a grace period for recertification. CIC will be sending out automated reminders to certified operators about upcoming expiration dates during the 12 months prior to their expiration date. 

Recertification Requirements

CIC will issue recertifications for those

operators whose CIC certifications are not

yet expired.

  1. Verification of at least 1,000 hours of safe crane operation (operation, shift inspection, set-up, assembly/disassembly, travel, training) within the last five years.
    Note:  If the operator cannot verify a minimum of 1,000 hours of safe operation, they must take and pass a Practical Exam in addition to the General Knowledge and Supplemental exam(s) in order to achieve recertification.

  2. Pass Virtual Exams – Passing scores on the General Knowledge Exam and a Supplemental Virtual Exam for each type of recertification the candidate wishes to achieve.

  3. Agree and comply with the Code of Ethics and Substance Abuse Policies, Confidentiality of Candidate Information Agreement, and Exam Security Agreement.

  4. Updated Operator Photo for Digital Badge

  • If applicable, Incident/Accident Report. If the Operator has had an Accident/Incident within the last 5 years, they must fill out this form and return it during recertification registration. 

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Applying for Recertification

Candidates seeking recertification must pre-register for and purchase their recertification exams and complete and submit the required eligibility application materials through the CIC Test Portal. CIC will review the materials to determine compliance with all recertification eligibility requirements.

Applicants who do not complete the eligibility application materials or fail to demonstrate that they meet all of the eligibility requirements will not be permitted to take the exams required for recertification.

Any unsafe crane operation and/or incidents must be reported with the operator’s recertification application through the completion and submission of the Incident/Accident Report Form. Unsafe operation includes operating while intoxicated, abusing substance(s), or exhibiting other behavior resulting in disciplinary action, as well as any incident or accident resulting in property damage, injury, or death. If any unsafe operation is reported, the certified operator’s application for recertification will go before the CIC Quality Assurance Board for review and approval or disapproval of their application.

Please note: Some states may have additional requirements for recertification. Crane operators and employers are responsible for identifying and abiding by any additional requirements for certification in their geographic location. Please notify CIC in advance if you are subject to additional recertification requirements to ensure that we are able to serve your certification needs well. 

Recertification Appeals

Candidates may question their certification status by writing or emailing the CIC Governing Council within 30 days of receiving the decision by contacting CIC through the “Contact Us” mailbox on the Home Page or via email at (please include the word, “Appeal” in the subject line).


These appeals must include the reasons the candidate believes they are eligible for certification and describe how they comply with the published requirements. The Governing Council will review the request and make a final determination within 60 days. The Council’s decision is final. The candidate will be notified within 30 days of the decision. 


Exams Required                                                                              Recertification Fee

One (1) virtual General Knowledge Exam                                             $ 215

One (1) virtual Supplemental Exam for each

Certification sought.


* No Practical Exam is required for recertification if the candidate has accumulated at least 1,000 crane operator-related hours over the most recent five years and meets the remaining eligibility requirements. Those not meeting these requirements will be required to take a practical examination. (See Recertification Policy #12 in Policies & Procedures.)


Candidates may take additional supplemental exams for $75 each. All fees are subject to change.

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