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CIC’s certification programs are the result of input from a broad range of individuals with expertise in cranes and rigging. The governance of CIC’s programs consists of a Governing Council and an Advisory Committee, as well as a number of subcommittees. Members of both the Governing Council and Advisory Committee make recommendations regarding exam content and certification standards, and the Governing Committee makes decisions on certification matters. Day-to-day operations are handled by company officers and staff.

The CIC Governing Council and Advisory Committee are pledged to make all decisions in an impartial manner, including the duty of members to recuse themselves when facing a potential conflict of interest in a decision.

Crane Operator

CIC Governing Council

  • Fraser Cocks - Member

  • Kenny Downs - Member

  • Tim Edwards - Chair

  • Bill Evia - Vice Chair

  • John Fleck - Member

  • Phil Hernandez - Member

  • Wade Pierce - Member

  • Jeff Roach - Member

  • James R. Sharpe, III - Public Member

Manager at Construction Site

CIC Advisory Committee

  • Jerry Klinke - ACRA Enterprises, Inc.

  • Gerard Driscoll - Beyel Brothers Crane & Rigging

Construction site
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