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Use of CIC
Mark/ Credentials

Mark/Credentials Monitoring, Violations
& Third Party Use 

CIC program staff will periodically monitor for unauthorized, prohibited, and/or fraudulent use of credentials.  Monitoring will include, but is not limited to, individuals whose credentials have expired or been revoked. A phone call, letter, or written email notification will be sent informing the individual to cease using the credential. This communication and follow-up to ensure it has been removed will be documented. 

Monitoring activity will occur at least once per quarter. A log of periodic monitoring and any investigations of reported misuse of the credential will be documented to include the actions taken and results.   

Any individuals found to be in violation will be contacted by CIC. Any violations that are not resolved after the initial contact will be referred for further action, including consulting with an attorney or law enforcement, as needed. 

CIC Third-Party Vendors may request permission to use the CIC logo on their website for advertisement purposes in compliance with logo guidelines provided by CIC. Guidelines specific to Authorized CIC Practical Examiners and Authorized Practical Exam Sites use of CIC marks can be found in the Practical Examiner Handbook and the Practical Exam Site Coordinator Handbook. These Handbooks can be found in the Practical Examiner section on the CIC Test Portal.

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