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Mobile Crane Operator
Candidate Handbook


All of us from CIC are pleased that you chose Crane Institute of America Certification (CIC) for your certification needs. Our goal is to provide the best value and the most “real world” crane operator certification assessment process in the industry. This Mobile Crane Operator Candidate Handbook was developed to inform you about who we are and how to pursue certification or recertification through CIC. 

If you have worked with us before, you will notice a few things have changed as you read through the Candidate Handbook. Going into 2023, we have refined our focus to certifications required by OSHA, including the following Mobile Crane Operator certifications: Telescoping Boom Cranes (small, medium, and large), Articulating Boom Cranes, and Lattice-Boom Crawler/Carrier Cranes. These certifications cover a lot of ground! 

In addition, CIC is introducing a new exam process. Going forward we will be moving to all online testing (virtual exams). In the past, operators needed to schedule knowledge-based written or computerized exams in advance at a specified testing location and, in some cases, had to travel quite a distance to that testing location. But that is about to change! 

CIC has adopted a more convenient way for operators to take knowledge-based tests by teaming up with Meazure Learning/ProctorU, one of the leading virtual proctoring companies around the globe. Going forward, all CIC knowledge-based exams will be taken online with live virtual proctors, allowing certification candidates to take virtual exams at any time, almost anywhere, and on any computer that meets CIC minimum requirements. For some of us, the change may be a bit of an adjustment initially, but we’re confident that once you’ve done it, you’ll find it to be very beneficial and convenient!

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