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Scoring and Policies of Virtually Proctored
Online Exams


Candidates will receive virtual exam results within minutes after completing each exam online. Simultaneously, an email will be sent to the candidate with exam scores listed by test domain.

It is important to know that the CIC Governing Council reserves the right to invalidate test scores and take additional steps at their discretion for any candidate whose actions or behavior are investigated and deemed to be consistent with cheating, copying test materials, or otherwise violating CIC certification policies. 

Virtually Proctored Exams Policy Violations

  • Flagging, Reporting of Violations. Any testing anomalies identified by the virtual proctor system will be flagged at the time on the video the event(s) occurred, and an incident report will be filed by MonitorEDU. CIC Test Administrators will be notified that the report and the exam session video are available for review, within 24-48 hours of testing. 

  • Reviewing and Responding to Possible Violations. If after reviewing the incident report and exam session video, the Administrator determines the candidate’s actions were clearly not indicative of a violation of exam policy, no further action will be taken other than to log the incident and the findings, and to file the report under the candidate’s name and candidate ID number.

However, if the review questions remain, the CIC Test Administrator will forward the incident report and the video link to the Governing Council for further review. The Governing Council will review and make their determination, and the candidate will be notified of the Governing Council’s decision and any related consequences. Information detailing the violation, incident report, and the final disposition will be kept in the candidate’s file for future reference.

  • Consequences for Exam Policy Violations may result in corrective actions ranging from immediate correction by the virtual proctor to more serious consequences such as invalidation of test results, suspension of credentials, and/or potential civil legal action. 

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