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Feedback, and
Reconsideration Policy

Complaints, feedback and/or reconsideration requests may all be made in accordance with the following policies and procedures in writing through the "Contact Us" mailbox on the Home Page of this website or by emailing


Complaints must include the complainant’s name, address, phone number and email and a specific description of the incident or concern, including date, time, and party or parties allegedly involved.  To help CIC address your complaints, feedback, and reconsideration requests as efficiently as possible, complainants should contact CIC as soon as possible to any incident precipitating the complaint, feedback, or reconsideration request. For specific guidance, see complaint categories below. 

Types of Complaints


Complaints About Exam Processes 


Complaints About Exam Content 


Complaints About Test Results in Specific Circumstances 

Candidates with feedback about CIC examination processes or related concerns should contact CIC staff within 10 days of the exam date. Feedback should be directed to the CIC Certification Manager. When reasonably possible, feedback will be acknowledged by CIC staff within 30 days of receipt. Exam process complaints will be tracked and documented.

Feedback or complaints from candidates regarding the content of the exam or specific exam questions may be submitted to the Certification Manager no later than 10 days following exam administration. When reasonably possible, feedback will be acknowledged by CIC staff within 30 days of receipt.

Reconsideration requests regarding examination content are not accepted. However, exam content feedback or complaints will be reviewed and considered by the relevant Exam Committee as part of the ongoing exam item review and test development process. Documentation of the input and any action taken to address the feedback will be documented by the committee and forwarded to the CIC Certification Manager to be maintained at CIC Headquarters.


Complaints About Program Participants


CIC Certified Crane Operators

CIC defines program participants as CIC Certified Operators, Third-party Practical Examiners, Practical Exam Sites and Site Coordinators, and third-party vendors who host and manage virtual exam administration and live virtual proctoring processes. Complaints and feedback in this category must be directly related to CIC certification program policies and procedures, which include, but may not be limited to issues related to certification or recertification.

Program Participant complaints may also be submitted through the “Contact Us” Box at the bottom of the Home Page or by emailing the CIC Certification Manager at   

Any complaints made about a CIC certified crane operator’s non-compliance with exam security policies, the CIC Code of Ethics and Substance Abuse Policies Agreement including adherence to government and industry standards for crane operators, involvement in sexual harassment or other concerns may be submitted in writing as described above.

CIC staff will review complaints and feedback and collect any relevant data from complainants, the certified operator who is the subject of the complaint and any other involved parties.  Any verifiable complaints will be forwarded to the CIC Disciplinary Committee, who will review the complaint and evaluate the need for further investigation; notify the operator and any other parties involved in the alleged violation; review evidence and any applicable policies or codes; and determine if disciplinary action is appropriate, and if so, what form of discipline is warranted.

The operator in question will be notified of the Committee’s decision in writing within two business weeks of the decision whenever reasonably possible. Any documentation about the complaint from initial report to final decision will be retained at CIC Headquarters.  

Candidates who fail the exam and believe irregular testing conditions, significant technical problems, or violation of Council policy were a contributing factor may file a request for reconsideration. All reconsideration requests must be made in writing and submitted to CIC no later days than 30 after the exam score report was issued.  The candidate must submit their formal reconsideration request in writing on the CIC website through the Complaints and Feedback Box, or via email at Candidates are asked to include the words “Request for Reconsideration” in their correspondence. 

The request must specifically describe whichever of the following circumstance(s) apply: (1) any contributing testing conditions, (2) technical problems, and/or (3) specific policy violation(s). When reasonably possible, feedback will be acknowledged by CIC staff within 30 days of receipt. If the issue can be resolved at the staff level, the Certification Manager will make the decisions and notify the Governing Council of the result. If the issue cannot be resolved by the Certification Manager, he or she will refer the request to the Governing Council Chair. The request will also be referred to the Chair if the operator requesting reconsideration will not accept a reconsideration decision by the Certification Manager.

A Reconsideration Committee, which may be an ad-hoc subcommittee of the Governing Council will review the request and decide within 45 days whenever reasonably possible. In general, the applicant will be notified of the decision in writing within 14 days of the Reconsideration Committee’s decision.

All requests for reconsideration of test results, along with any actions taken and decisions made, will be documented by the appropriate committee to be filed at CIC headquarters.

The Reconsideration Committee may review requests and make determinations via teleconference meetings, via email, or other means as the committee deems appropriate. All Reconsideration Committee members must have the opportunity to participate in the review and decision.

The results of the reconsideration decision will be final and may not be appealed.





Complaints About CIC Third-Party Exam Administration, Exam Site or Proctoring Vendors
Administrative Complaints and/or Feedback

Complaints and feedback in this category may be submitted about any aspect of the exam administration of CIC examinations, including, but not limited to, Authorized CIC Practical Examiners, Authorized CIC Exam Sites and/or Site Coordinators, CIC third-party exam vendors.  Complaints and feedback about processes, vendor staff, issues of fairness, efficiency, exam security or any issue related to the exams process and those who administer any aspect of our exams certification programs may be submitted.


As with all complaints and feedback submissions, timely, objective, and specific input is essential to the effective remediation of concerns and problems, and should be made as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days after any incident or concern arises. Any complaints made more than 90 days of any incident may be dismissed without further review at the discretion of CIC. The complaint or feedback must include the complainant’s name, address, phone number and email and a specific and objective description of the incident or concern, including date, time, and party or parties allegedly involved.  


CIC staff will acknowledge receipt of the complaint or feedback as soon as is reasonably possible (if a response is needed) and will review the written description of the issue  and follow up with further questions to parties involved.  Where warranted, issues and concern will be addressed directly with the third-party vendor identified by the complainant to identify and remediate any problems.

Any issues deemed to jeopardize program effectiveness, exam security, fair and unbiased exam administration processes or other significant issue as assessed by staff will be immediately elevated to the Governing Council Chairman and/or to the CIC Chief Executive Office for evaluation, any additional investigation needed, and any corrective actions necessary to address the specific concerns. All documentation about the issue including any follow-up needed and final outcomes will be maintained at CIC headquarters.  

At CIC we strive to serve our customers and guests with the kind of care, respect, and service they deserve.  However, we also know that are times when we may miss the mark, and we need you to help make us better at what we do by letting us know when we do. We broadly categorize administrative complaints as those relating to some aspect of customer service.  Perhaps the timeliness of a callback or email reply was slow, or the service you received wasn’t what was expected or desired. Whatever the reason for your concern or dissatisfaction, we welcome the feedback and view it as an opportunity for learning and growth.

An Administrative Complaint may be filed by contacting CIC at 407.878.5590 to discuss your concern with the CIC certification manager or a supervisor on duty. Alternately, you may choose to submit your concern in writing through the “Contact us” box located on the Home Page or by sending an email to, attention Certification Manager. Your call or message will be acknowledged by a return call or an email promptly.  Hopefully, the issue can be resolved at the staff level in many situations; however, if the matter cannot be resolved on that level, the Certification Manager or their delegate will forward the written complaint to the Governing Council to determine a course of action for pursuing resolution. CIC seeks to resolve Administrative Issues within 30 days whenever it is possible to do so.

Other Feedback, Requests or Complaints

Understanding that not all complaints or feedback fall into one of the categories described above, candidates or other interested parties may submit any other concerns, requests, or feedback by following the same processes described above. CIC also welcomes any positive feedback from candidates, volunteers, and other interested parties. This input provides important insights and information that will help CIC recognize processes or aspects of our work that are valued by customers and other parties and need to be continued or further developed.


Submit a Complaint, Appeal, or other Feedback

This "Contact Us" mailbox can be used to ask CIC questions, submit complaints, reconsideration requests or feedback, file an appeal, or communicate with us about any other certification/recertification-related matter.  To ensure your message is properly routed, please choose an option from the drop-down menu that best describes the topic of your message.

Note: Appeals of Disciplinary Decisions may NOT be sent via the Contact Us mailbox. See "Appeal of  a Disciplinary Decision" for instructions for submitting.

Thanks for submitting!

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