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About The Exams


CIC Exams

In order to earn one full CIC mobile crane operator certification, candidates must take and pass a minimum of two Virtual Exams and one Practical Exam.

The Virtual Exams will consist of the General Knowledge Exam and one Supplemental Exam for each certification the candidate wishes to achieve.

The Practical Exam is a demonstration of the candidate’s hands-on crane operation skills . With CIC, one Practical Exam may qualify an operator for several types of certification, as long as the corresponding Supplemental Virtual Exams and the General Knowledge Exam are passed. 

Each Practical Exam will consist of four challenge to assess the following: 

  • Accuracy & Depth perception (timed challenge)

  • Hand signal recognition

  • Ability to maintain a load under control (timed challenge)

  • Exiting the crane safely

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