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Understanding your Exam Scores


Written Exam questions are weighted to reflect these proportions; however, the entire exam is scored as a whole and not by section. 

Written Exams (General Knowledge and Supplemental)

Written Exams assess the Candidate’s knowledge about crane operation in four key domains and are scored on a simple percentage of all questions. The following table shows the percentage of exam items which fall into the four content categories (knowledge domains) for the General Knowledge Exam and the five Supplemental Exams specific to crane type and capacity.

Practical Exam

Practical exams are graded based on the candidate’s hands-on skills and ability to operate the crane. Candidates are required to perform tasks similar to those required on a job site. CIC obstacle courses are set up based on a boom length specified for crane type and capacity. 

Practical exam challenges are weighted in the following manner:

A minimum score of 70/100 is necessary to pass the Practical Exam. Points are deducted for committing infractions or exceeding the stated time to complete a challenge.


Exam Retake Policy
Written Exams (General Knowledge and Supplemental)

A candidate failing the general knowledge or supplemental examination is eligible to re-test by applying and paying the required fee. A candidate failing the examination after two attempts must wait a minimum of 30 days before retesting.

Practical Exam

If a candidate fails the practical exam in the second attempt, he/she must wait at least 30 days before making a second attempt. Candidates whose certification expires prior to the next attempt must take and pass the General Knowledge and applicable Supplemental Exam(s) for new certification.

Exam Complaints and Appeals

CIC welcomes input from candidates regarding testing processes. Candidates with feedback about the examination processes or their experience at the testing site should contact CIC staff within ten (10) business days of the exam date. Feedback should be directed to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will track complaints including the status and outcome, identifying any opportunities for exam process improvements

Reconsideration requests regarding examination content are not accepted. However, feedback from candidates regarding the content of the exam or specific exam questions may be submitted to the Executive Director following exam administration, and feedback will be reviewed and considered by the relevant committee as part of the ongoing item review and test development process.

Candidates who fail the exam and believe irregular testing conditions, significant technical problems, or violation of Council policy were a contributing factor may file a request for reconsideration by CIC. All reconsideration requests must be made in writing and postmarked or emailed no later than 30 days after the exam score report was issued. All requests must describe the suspected error or problem.

The request for reconsideration must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director. The request should describe the suspected error or problem, including any contributing testing conditions, technical problems, and/or policy violation(s).

The Executive Director will review the request within 15 business days. If the issue can be resolved at the staff level, the Executive Director will make the decision and notify the Council and the Candidate of the result.

If the issue cannot be resolved by the Executive Director, or if the candidate does not accept the Executive Director’s decision,  the Director may refer the request to the Governing Council Chair. A Reconsideration Committee will then review the request and make their decision within 45 days. The decision made by this Committee will be final. The applicant will be notified of the decision within 14 days of the Committee’s decision.

The Reconsideration Committee may be an ad-hoc, sub-committee of the Council. The Committee may review requests and make determinations via teleconference meetings, via email or other means as the committee deems appropriate as long as all Committee members have the opportunity to participate in the review and decision. The results of the reconsideration decision will be final.

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