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CIC is proud to offer certifications for

Urban Construction

Crane Operator Certification

In order to earn a CIC crane operator certification, candidates must take and the General Knowledge written exam, a supplemental written exam for each certification desired, and a hands-on Practical Exam.


The Practical Exam is a demonstration of the candidate’s hands on skills actually operating the crane.  At CIC, one Practical Exam can qualify an operator for several types of certifications as long as the corresponding Written Exam supplement with the general knowledge portion is passed.


Crane operator certifications are valid for a period of five years from the date the first Written or Practical Exam is passed.

Available Certifications

  • Telescoping Boom Cranes Under 21 Tons (fixed cab)
    * Digger Derrick and Service/Mechanic Trucks are telescoping boom trucks under 21 tons with shorter boom lengths than other cranes in this category. For this reason, specific designations will be issued for operators of these.  Contact CIC for details

  • Telescoping Boom Cranes 21 to 75 Tons (fixed or rotating cab) 

  • Telescoping Boom Cranes  Over 75 Tons (rotating cab)

  • Lattice Boom Cranes (crawler or carrier mounted)

  • Articulating Boom Cranes

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