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Candidate Responsibilities

Preparing for Live Virtually Proctored Exams

  • Schedule Exam(s) ASAP. Once the candidate’s eligibility application is approved, CIC will notify the candidate by email to confirm eligibility and provide instructions about scheduling their exams.  All online exams are scheduled through the CIC Test Portal. Candidates should schedule exams well in advance to 1) ensure the availability of their desired exam dates and times, 2) allow adequate time to identify and arrange their chosen testing location, and 3) to check their computer system for compatibility and troubleshoot any possible technical issues.​

  • Identify the Testing Location. Candidates must identify an exam location that meets testing area requirements (see Requirements for Testing Area tab). Examples of allowable testing locations include, but are not limited to, a quiet, private room at the candidate’s residence, an office at the candidate’s place of employment, or a reserved private room at a local library. Candidates should choose a testing location in which they can test in a room with a door that can be closed. A computer must be set up in the room (PC or Mac desktop or laptop) and must either be connected to the internet via WIFI, or directly connected to the internet through cable, DSL or broadband.

  • Test Your Computer Equipment. To ensure your computer system meets the minimum requirements for taking your online exam(s), click on Equipment Requirements to review the list on the page. Please note: All Chromebooks and tablets (of any brand) are   incompatible with the virtually proctored testing system and may not be used for testing.  PC or Mac desktop or laptop computers compatible with Windows 10 and higher must be used. Anything operating system older than Windows 10 will not be compatible. To do a system check to confirm your computer meets minimum technical requirements, log on to the CIC Test Portal on the CIC website at, and click on “Test Your Equipment,” Do this at least one week before your scheduled exam(s) to allow enough time to troubleshoot any issues. Be sure to test your equipment in a similar environment to the one in which you will be testing (same location, time of day, bandwidth usage, etc.).

  • Test Computer Equipment Again within 24 hours of Taking Exam. This will ensure that any automatic updates on your computer have not impeded its testing functionality.

  • Shut Down and Restart Your Computer Before Logging onto the CIC Test Portal to Take Your Exams. All other programs and windows must be closed before you log into the proctored testing environment and must stay closed throughout the exam. 

  • Confirm Sufficient Bandwidth in Your Testing Location. Your bandwidth can be negatively impacted if others sharing the network you are using to take your exam are simultaneously using heavy bandwidth by streaming videos or gaming, etc. We advise communicating with others with whom you share an internet connection in advance of your exam to prevent any issues.   

  • Bring Your Valid (non-expired), Government-Issued Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, military ID).  You must bring your ID to your chosen test location on exam day. Without it, you will not be able to proceed with your exam. Your live virtual proctor will verify your identity as a part of the exam setup process. Note: The exam setup process does not count against your allotted exam time.

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